InMotion Hosting – Network Maintenance

iList Apps® would like to announce:

For a 2-hour period this Thursday, June 28th, InMotion Hositng will be upgrading network infrastructure in their east coast data center. This upgrade will provide additional network capacity and increased resiliency, allowing them to better serve you.

Their network maintenance window is from 11pm EST to 1am EST (GMT-5). During this period there will be intermittent connectivity issues for customers as we transition over to the new infrastructure. The maintenance is automated and so should run smoothly. As a precaution, we will have network engineering staff and engineers from all of our providers available so that if any issues arise, they will be resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We believe that this upgrade will proceed quickly with the least possible affect to your web traffic.

InMotion Hosting


iList Apps® is also excited about our new website, where we can keep you updated and learn more about My Shopping List and the other iList apps. With iList Apps® My List Shopping, never forget why you went to the store in the first place!

Available in the App Store or Google Play. Download today and let us know what you think!

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