The Daily App Show Demos iList Apps® Baby Registry

The Daily App Show calls Baby Registry “the perfect application for your baby shower registry. Pick it up today!”.

Watch The Daily App Show demonstrate Baby Registry and see just how easy it is to use:

Baby Registry helps take the stress out of planning your baby shower. Instead of creating a separate baby registry at every store in town, this app lets you quickly create just one registry and share it with your friends and family. Your registry even updates with every item purchased, so there are no more duplicate gifts to return!

Simply create a Group and share the information with your friends. Create lists to categorize your items, and rename them if ever needed. Add different items manually by selecting them from the list, or scan a barcode. When your friends join you group they will be able to see what items are added. Group users can also log in to a browser and view all of the information there. You may update the quantity of an item as well as its price. Add photos from your camera or gallery. Customize the app to suit your style.

iList Apps® Baby Registry for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android is available at the iTunes App Store and GooglePlay.

Download today and leave your own review!

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