Alpha Digits Review: My List Shopping

Alpha Digits, the premier review site for iPhone, iPad and Android apps gives iList Apps® My List Shopping highest marks for performance, interface and value.

Alpha Digits review of My List Shopping by iList Apps®

“Let this app do the listing for you!”

“This shopping list allows you to better plan your shopping, avoid impulse buying and keep your purchases on track while you shop. By reducing the trips to the grocery store, it can save you time and money!”

“This app is loaded with hundreds of items from apple shallots. If the user can’t find a particular item, they can add it to the list manually.”

“My List Shopping allows users to change the number of items (quantity).. and to do things like edit price and name, add remarks, change brand and category, and even add an image”

“If you are a frequent shopper, you know how annoying it is to prepare a shopping list. My List Shopping could help you build your list faster and easier than ever before.”

My List Shopping

My List Shopping is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android devices from the App Store and Googleplay. Download today and leave your own review!

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