About iList Apps

HHI Classic Distributor is a partnership formed by family and friends that have strived to make their busy lifestyles easier and more straightforward while still maintaining some time for fun. We believe that life is hard enough so we have designed numerous smartphone applications that encompass expertise, originality, inventiveness and innovation without adding complexity! Our ultimate objective is to make life easier and more fun. The perception of time is shortened when you’re having fun!



We believe integrity is the foundation of any first-class business. Therefore it is both our individual as well as our partnerships number one priority. Integrity drives our organization. We are an honest, trustworthy, courteous, respectful, and contemporary company. We make every effort to be ethical in each and every one of our actions. We honor our commitments. We are meticulously committed to quality and innovation. We are unreservedly committed to our customers.

Delivering to our customers:

We make it as easy as possible for customers (internal and external) to do business with us. We pride our selves with an uncommon ability to communicate with the customer and fully understand their needs. We plan ahead to deliver innovative and cost-effective applications directly to the customer. We listen, we hear, we care!

About the team

Our management team is passionately committed to insuring innovation, quality and customer service with respect to our products from inception of the product to customer feedback after purchase of the product.

The management and principals team have a combined talent coming from many sectors to include non-degree personnel, advance degrees personnel, former executives, blue collar workers, sales and service representatives, project managers, and small business owners.