Wedding Registry Checklist: Kitchen

Kitchen items are the most common wedding registry items. Most couples skip the fancy china sets and shop for upgrades of kitchen items they already have…plus a few items for fun! Print or pin our Wedding Registry checklist.

Wedding Registry checklist: Kitchen

Stainless steel pot set with lids
Large sauté pan
Non-stick fry pans
Cutting boards
Poultry sheers
Spatula, Whisk, Spoons, Peeler, Can Opener,
Roasting pan
Knife set
Big Ticket* Cast iron pot, such as Le Creuset

Glass trays
Non-stick trays
Rolling pin
Measuring cups/spoons
Set of mixing bowls
Bread pan/mold
Muffin or cupcake tin
Baking Sheet
Icing spreader

Plates (at least 6)
Salad plates
Pasta bowls
Soup bowls
Coffee cups
Serving dishes
Heat pad/stone

Water glasses
Juice glasses
Wine glasses

Coffee Maker
Hand Mixer
Food processor
*Big ticket: Espresso machine, juicer, small dishwasher, rolling or butcher-block island

Salt and pepper set
Pepper grinder
Sugar bowl
Cookie jar
Canisters (coffee, flour, sugar, etc.)
Wall clock
Spice rack
Towels and oven mitts
Tea Kettle
Utensil holder
Food storage containers
Fruit bowl
Meat thermometer

Wooden trays
Bar glasses
Cheese board and cheese knives
*Big Ticket: Folding tray tables, bar cart

Cakepop maker
Fondue pot
Pizza stone
Soda Stream
Cookie cutters
Sushi roller
*Big Ticket: Grill

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Wedding Registry Trends for 2013

Modern couples are breaking tradition when it comes to their wedding registries. Take a look at these wedding registry trends for 2013:

50% of couples expect to foot the bill for the wedding

Wedding planning can be stressful and expensive – but the wedding registry doesn’t have to! Wedding Registry saves couples time and money – instead of running around to every store in town, create an all-in-one registry that you can access anytime, anywhere, from your mobile device or laptop.

70% of couples live together before marriage

Today’s modern couple already has the kitchen essentials and other home goods that used to make up a wedding registry. This means couples are free to ask for unique, personalized, and ever weird items – 3D TVs, camping equipment, even more.

88% of couples set up 2 to 3 wedding registries

Why set up 2 or 3 wedding registries when you could set up one complete registry that is easily shared with friends and family? Wedding Registry works with all stores, and all store websites – so you no longer have to create separate registries around Big Box stores.

70% of grooms help with the wedding registry

It’s great to see grooms taking a more active role in their wedding registries – after all, they have to live with the gifts too! With Wedding Registry, grooms can have their own list category for “guy stuff”.

The average length of time couples start their wedding registry is 6 months

While this may make you feel accomplished or that you’re doing your guests a favor, the reality is that most guests buy gifts at the last minute. With Wedding Registry, sharing your list with guests is fast, and they don’t need to own a smartphone to shop. The best part – you get notified when each gift is bought.

The most popular wedding registry gift categories are….

Honeymoon and Related Gifts: Wedding Registry works with honeymoon gifts. To add a night in a hotel, airfare, or other honeymoon expense, simply create a category called ‘honeymoon’ and enter details for each line item. Keep in mind the average amount a guest will spend on a gift is $150.

Home Renovation and Outdoor: From BBQ pits to a custom closet, it can be added to Wedding Registry. Add images and notes to your DIY items so guests can see exactly what you need.

Food and Drink: Couples cooking classes, a wine club membership, or gift certificate trip to your favorite restaurant– create your ultimate foodie Wedding Registry with iList Apps®

Quick Guide Videos for Baby Registry

iList Apps® is pleased to launch Quick Guide videos – a fun, video version of our app user guides. Quick Guide videos are reference tools that walk you through the app’s signature features and help you trouble-shoot questions. Quick Guide videos will be accessible while using the app by locating the Information & Settings tab. They are also accessible on YouTube.

Quick Guide videos are currently available for Baby Registry – and coming soon for Wedding Registry and My List Shopping!

Quick Guide Baby Registry

The Quick Guide video series aims to make your experience with all of iList’s products most enjoyable. Our award-winning apps offer more customization than any other gift, registry, or shopping app out there! Whether you just want to stick to the basic features like adding items and sharing your list with friends and family, or you want to to add personal touches like uploading photos, creating maps to locate stores or the location of your baby shower, or specify shipping details on a custom item – Quick Guide has the answer.

Baby Registry Quick Guide covers the 6 main features of the app and online registry: Adding & Editing, Settings, Group, Prepare, Share, and Shop.

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My List Shopping

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