Wedding Registry App

Wedding Registry App for Android™, iPhone® and iPad®

Wedding Registry Features

  • Easily share your registry list with others by using a group ID
  • Barcode scanner makes it easy to add any item to your registry from any store
  • Add items directly from any website
  • Add comments to entries. Example: “I like this blender best in the color black”.
  • Automatically categorizes entries, allowing you to locate specific registry items with ease
  • Sync list with multi-platform devices and accounts

What Can I Use Wedding Registry For?

Wedding Registry helps take the stress out of planning your wedding. Instead of creating a separate bridal registry at every store in town, this app lets you quickly create just one registry and share it with your friends and family. Your registry even updates with every item purchased, so there are no more duplicate gifts to return!

How to Use Wedding Registry

Manage your wedding registry's categories and update requested item inventory & description from your iPhone or any desktop/laptop device with iList's "Dashboard" interface

Customer Reviews

Awesome App for Bridal Registries! (5/5) by KelseyLynnM

"This app has all the essentials you need for building and maintaining your registry. I love that you can go to ANY store and scan a barcode to add that item. The categories are A+, as I've never seen any other registries have that feature. It also updates all your guests when you update your registry if you choose to do so. I love it, a great app to have to lessen the headache of multiple registries!"

well thought (5/5) by 2and2dogs

"I love that you can take photos of the item. That's really helpful for the wedding guests who might not be able to see the patterns, colors at their stores."

What a lifesaver! by ZapaKelli

"My daughter has recently become engaged. This app helped tremendously in setting up her registry. So easy to use the barcode to scan items, instead of writing down a list or using a scan gun that the store provides. Made it so easy for the guest."

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